We have discussed in the S+ tier list that the Afk arena tier list is divided, and the S tier list is the 2nd part of it. If you haven’t checked our article about the Afk arena Tier list of the end game heroes, go check it out. Now let us move on to our AFK Arena S tier heroes list. 

Although these heroes are not as strong as S+ tier heroes. They still play an essential role in the early game and mid-game stages. These heroes are the central core of any team combines with some unique abilities and effects to come up with robust strategies. That can lead you to the end game and back.

AFK Arena S tier heroes are handy in every stage, so don’t hesitate to upgrade them whenever you get a chance. These are a more challenging part of the Afk arena.


We have previously discussed that the heroes are divided into different types. Which are DPS, Tank, Support, Buff, Healer, Debuffs, and Crowd control. Let us move on a list of AFK Arena S tier heroes.

1. Gwyneth (The Fair Maiden): DPS, Crowd Control

Gwyneth is one of top damage dealer of the game, that is also capable of providing crowd control to the team. Each of her abilities has a chance to stun to decrease the healing of an enemy. She would be an excellent choice for team composition. An enemy healer is far less effective than her stun. Which extremely a valuable asset of the game that can turn the battle in your way.


Signature items:

  • Shooting Star: The ability requires a tall person and accuracy to be used efficiently. So bow got its name due to the high velocity of the arrow. Which is said to be the fastest shooting star.

  • Focus Fire: Attacking power is raised to 10% when she is nearby allied heroes. +10 level increase it to 20% and +30 level increase it to 30%.

Hero Skills:

  • Divine Arrow: Gwyneth launches an arrow into the sky. Which splits into multiple arrows that then came down as rain of arrows dealing with the damage of 210% to any enemy. That also reduces their abilities by 90 for 8 seconds.

  • Flaming Arrow: She directly attacks an enemy, which is precisely opposite to her position. Her regular attack deals with serious damage and has a low frequency. There is a 60% chance that her normal attack becomes a flaming arrow. Which deals with 40% damage per second, that continues for over 5 seconds.

  • Lightning Arrow:  Normal attack has 60% chances to become a lighting arrow that can deal with multiple damages of combine 240%. It can also be combined with a Flaming arrow to give the burning effect and can damage multiple nearby enemies.

  • Strength in Numbers:  Accuracy of Gwyneth is increased by 80 and rating of crit by 25%. Which further increases by upgradation.

2. Mehira (Mind Cager): DPS, Crowd Control

In AFK Arena S tier heroes list Mehira is on 2nd No She is another DPS with some fantastic crowd control abilities. When she gains her ultimate abilities, it is just a piece of cake to win a game. She also inflicts the damage on her partners to give them energy and buff. Mehira can increase the effectiveness of damage if you have a healer in your team. She is effective at any place. Either she is fighting on the frontline or backline.


Signature Item: 

  • Lash of Submission: She can enslave her victim. Also known as a tool of Curel Master.

  • Carnal Bliss: When non-summoned allies lose his health by then 10%, his health is given to Mehira.

Hero Skills:

  • Mesmerize: Mehira approaches an enemy who attacks the team first and attacks him for 4 seconds.

  • Whiplash: She uses her whip to deal with a total damage of 120% to the whole squad of an opponent. If the allies get damage, they will get recover 65 of their energy, and their Haste increases by 40% for 8 seconds.

  • Infatuation: Give 60% of damage to the enemy opposite her and receives damage will decrease by 40%, and she will use 3% health of an enemy to restore her.

  • Hellspawn: She sacrifices her 60% of health to the minions. Which gives 65% of damage to the enemy at the end. If Mehira gets damages, she sacrifices minions to restore her 25% of health.

3. Kaz (Hands of the wood): DPS

Kaz is one of the most popular DPS heroes in the game. She has incredible abilities and stats. So Kaz is one of the best late-game heroes for damage. Once she gets upgraded and gains access to her abilities. Kaz will be the most destructive hero in-game. Let us move on to her signature item and have a look at what she has.


Signature Items: She doesn’t have signature items, but still, you can count her in the best DPS heroes in the game.

Hero Skills:

  • Assassinate: Kaz swiftly moves behind the enemy and gives him damage of 200%. No one can attack Kaz while she is using this ability.

  • Triple strike: Its name clears that Kaz strikes an enemy three-times and give damage of 100% per hit.

  • Evasive Strike: She can dodge the attack of an enemy in every 10 seconds and can not be targeted or attacked while using this ability.

  • Feline Finesse: This ability allows her to increase her dodge ability rating by 60 points.

4. Lyca (Keeper of Glad): DPS, Buff, and Debuff

Lyca is glade Keeper, which is outclassed by other heroes in the game in terms of damage output. But then what makes her one of the best in her ability called Awe. Awe increases her regeneration rate of the entire party.

Signature Item: 

  • Starfall: A skill in which stars fall from the sky and destruct an enemy.

  • A vision of the Stars: Increases the accuracy of the allies by 40%

Hero Skills:

  • Arrow of Justice: Lyca shoots a lethal arrow on enemies that deal with 220% of the damage and also knock her enemy backward

  • Foe’s Fragility: An attack that allows Lyca to lower the defense of her enemy by 3%.

  • Awe: This is one of the amazing ability she has. She motivates her allies at the beginning of the battle and increases their attack speed for the time.

  • Rapid Arrows: Lyca rapidly fires three arrows at the single enemy. Which helps her to focus on other enemies for a short time.

5. Safiya (Daughter of the Desert): DPS, Buff, and Debuff

Safiya is contains multiple damage abilities and crowd control. Which stuns multiple enemies for a short time. She is one of the best damage buffs in the game. Safiiya is a top tier pick will be at the backline of the team because of her support qualities at the beginning of the battle. She caste a magical circle which provides huge damage boost to allies for 25 seconds.

Signature Item 

  • Supremacy: A large scepter with brilliant design symbolize absolute power.

  • Arcane Power: 1% of her damage can be converted into her attack rating, and it will increase upto 140%

Hero Skills: 

  • Falling Sun: Safiya focuses on her energy and converts into a large, powerful orb that deals. AoE damage on impact and It could be increased depending upon how much she focuses on her energy.

  • Scattered Bolt: Safiya fire a magic projectile toward her enemy. Which deals with 170% of the damage and stuns her enemy for a short time. 

  • Static Field: She provides forward-positioned ally with an electric aura that lasts for 10 seconds, and that aura causes 70% of damage.

  • Spectral Disruption: At the start of the battle, she causes a circular enchantment on the ground that lasts for 25 seconds. The allies inside the circle have their attacking power increased by 16%.

6. Nara (Heart Carver): DPS, Tank

Nara is a great pick for the player who needs a tank frontline hero that can deal with competitive damage at a higher level. She is primarily a tank hero. Nara is a type of hero in the game that if any enemy is engaged with Nara or hitting. She will lose his/her energy with every hit. Nara is one of the best picks in PvP fights.


Signature Item: She doesn’t have signature items, but still, you can count her in the best DPS, tank heroes in the game.

Hero Skills:

  • Butchery:  Nara deals with 110% damage to the enemy. She ignores the defense of an enemy. If the health of an enemy is less then 40%, the damage ability will be increased 6 times.

  • Dismember: She hits an enemy that is nearby to her and leaves her enemy stunned for a few seconds. Then continuously attacking him/her and gives damage of 35% at each hit.

  • Impale: When there is no enemy in her vicinity, she proceeds toward an enemy and uses her grappling hook to drag them toward herself and prioritize her attack.

  • Terrify: The ability we have already discussed. It is one of the most impressive abilities in which the enemy loses his energy by 90% each time he/she attack her.

7. rthros (The Seer of origins): DeBuffs, Tank

Orthros is one of the best tank and debuffs heroes in the game. He has one of the highest health pools in the game. Orthros abilities depend upon time longer. The time he spent in combat stronger, he will become if your team dies too quickly in the fight, Orthros will give strength.

Signature Item: 

  • The Heavenly Vision: He can manipulate the time by using this signature move during the combat

  • Time Wrap: This signature reduces the power of an enemy by 30 points who get close to Orthros.

Hero Skills: 

  • Time Suspension: Orthros can stop time for 3 seconds, causing everyone and everything to become frozen. After that, he strikes the weakest enemy on the battlefield with the speed of light, causing the damage of 60%.

  • Time Trap: At the start of the fight, he causes the time trap and individually targets two enemies close to him.

  • Inertia: Orthros gives 200% damage to an enemy and prevents him from recovering his health for 9 seconds.

  • Celestial Vigor: The health of Orthros increases by 25% per second until it reaches 150%.

8. Talene (The Rising Pheonix): Support, Healer

Talene is one of the strongest characters in the game, with an overall rating of S. She is called Lamentation, her tears falling hot to the ground and sizzling over her beak. The Demon had attacked them, and Talene never knew about this. Her mother tried to push them back, but they were too many. Her mother told her that they were only two left. They had was one another. 


Signature Items:

  • Heart of Pheonix: It is a powerful and rare stone. The flame that burns from this stone can’t be extinguished.

  • Resurgence: Talene’s attacks rating increases by 10% and Defence by 20% whenever she reborn by using her Phoneix Rising ability.

Hero Skills:

  • Fire Born: Talene turns into the phoenix form until she dies and covert 90% of her current health into the shield.

  • Meteor Shower: She calls fiery meteorites that deals with 200% of damage to the enemies. When Talene is in Pheonix, form meteorites fall after every 0.5 seconds.

  • Pheonix Rising: When Talene dies, she converts into a fireball that helps her to increase her health by 7% each second and during this time cannot be targeted by her enemies.

  • Afterglow: A passive ability in which two of the weakest allies from Talene’s squad recover their health each time Talene’s loses his 10% of max health.

9. Rowan (Wondering Trader): Support, Healer

Rowan was the second son of Esperia’s youngest and wealthiest noble house. The Patriarch, Reginald, is his father, but he wasn’t born in wealthy circumstances. At the beginning of his adulthood as a small trader, his business acumen proved uncanny. Where he started as a young kid with a case of simple goods, now he is a lord with titles, business, banks, and large mining operations under his purview. However, the title and lands are awarded in recognition of good deeds. House Gilder have primarily bought their way into the aristocracy. Lord and kings fight wars, and these are expensive indeed. Reginald Gilder’s timely gifts and loans curried a great deal of favor among the older houses, and he, in turn, was rightly rewarded.


Signature Items: He doesn’t have signature items, but still, you can count him in the best Support and Healer heroes in the game.

Hero Skills:

  • Dazzle: Rowan throughs gold coin on the battlefield after every 0.5 seconds. If the allies collect these coins, they will be able to recover 50% of their health.

  • Avian Assualt: Rowan Duck’s attack the nearest enemy to him and cause damage of 60% each time and drop his/her accuracy by 110 for 10 seconds and allowing Rowan to steal the 80% energy points of an enemy.

  • Healthy Supplies: Rowan enters the battlefield, he setups three stalls of a potion of health, which can be used by nearby allies when their healths drops below 50%.

  • Damage Control: When someone causes damage to Rowan that exceeds 10% of his health, he will use his energy to increase his health by losing his energy points.

10. Eironn (Storms Word): Area, DPS, Crowd Control

Eironn is a top tier damage dealer in the game and should be the first pick of in PvP and PvE games because of his abilities to displace enemies and render their formation. He can decimate the entire team at once because of his area abilities. When the enemy is at the right place where he wants him, he will finish him off at once with his abilities.

Signature Item: He doesn’t have signature items, but still, he is one of the best DPS Area and Crowd control in the game and is one of the top picks for most of the players.

Hero Skills: 

  • Elemental Surge: He combines both blades to transform them into one blade and proceed toward the enemy to attack them. Afterward, he sends an ice tornado, which gives a lot of damage to his enemies, and it lasts for 7 seconds.

  • Twin Force: When Eironn is using is an ice blade, He gives damage to all enemies standing in front of him, causing their speeds to be slowed down for a while.

  • Vortex: Eironn uses his Elemental power to generate a power gust wind that through his enemies to the distance and giving them damage.

  • Sylvan Oath:  It is a passive ability that increases the attack rating of Eironn and gives his attack a chance to ignore his enemies.

11. Ferael (Doom Whisper): Area DPS

In the early stages of the game, Ferael is a decent damage dealer with the access of great Area DPS that gives damage to the opposite team with any composition. However, it takes time and some investment to make him better. In the late game, Ferael Is one of the best Area DPS


Signature Item: He doesn’t have a signature, but still, he is one the best late-game Area DPS heroes so you can go with him if you are looking for some good DPS or damage dealer in the game.

Hero Skills: 

  • Nether Blaze: Ferael fires arrows toward the enemies on the battlefield and gives them the damage of 170% each. All the enemies which are affected by arrow attack can be haunted by an evil spirit and giving them the damage of 25% additional.

  • Accursed Arrow: He through cursed arrow at an enemy, giving them the damage of 140% and haunt them for 10 seconds.

  • Terrorize: Terrifies and stuns two enemy heroes at a time for 10 seconds.

  • Corrupted Spirit: The ability can be used to haunt an enemy for 10 seconds.

12. Hendrik (The Defender): Tank

If you are looking for who defends and soak the damage of an enemy so Hendrik should be your first choice. The abilities of these heroes revolve around defense. He is so focused on his defense if you look at him closely; you will not see any weapon with him. He was added in patch 1.19 in the game.


Signature Item: These types of heroes doesn’t have a signature because they are made up for the defense of the allies.

Hero Skills: 

  • Crippling Blow: Hendrik hits his shield to the ground and deals with the damage of 140% to the enemies nearby and leaving them stunned for 1 second.

  • Shield Bash: Hendriks uses his shield to attack back to the enemy and deals with the damage of 130% and leaves them stunned for 1.5 seconds.

  • Sacrificial Sheild: If any of the allies from the team takes fatal damage, Hendrik will move in front of him and soak all the damage was intended for a teammate. He protects him/her for 10 seconds.

  • Stand Fast: When the health of Hendrik falls below 40%, he places his shield to the ground and assumes a defensive stance and heals himself by 6% per second of his maximum health.

13. Ezizh (Hell Born): Tank, DPS, Crowd Control, Buffs

Ezizh is one of the most rarer heroes in the game, but if you put in some time and investment to max him out, he would be one of the best versatile and effective heroes in the Afk arena. Few heroes perform out of their roles, and Ezizh is one of them. Ezizh has some very good crowd control abilities, which render enemies unable to use their abilities for a while.



Signature Item: Ezizh is one of the finest heroes in the game, and all of his abilities will be his signature item. There are some disadvantages, but we will cover them later.

Hero Skills: 

  • Fissure: Ezizh causes an explosion which gives 180% to enemies to his surrounding.

  • Feeble Mind: Ezizh’s mind control ability controls the mind of an enemy which far from him and prevents them from using their abilities and forcing them to walk toward him.

  • Horrify: Ezizh through a shockwave toward an enemy and gives them the damage of 160% and stuns them for 3 seconds, and they are unable to use their abilities.

  • Mental Fury: Ezizh enrages his teammates and allowing them to increase their energy by 12 points each second.

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