Afk Arena Redemption Codes

Afk arena is one the most popular mobile game available on Google Play Store in Android and on App Store in iOS. Here in this article, we are sharing an amazing thing about this game by using that you can get free in-game rewards, which can help to polish your skill in the game by upgrading your character by using the rewards. So let end the suspense about that thing. We are going to tell you about the AFK Arena redemption codes by using them you can get free rewards in the game. Afk code is not a hack. It’s all provided by the developer of the game according to ongoing events. They provide us gifts regularly like on Christmas, New year’s Eve

and many more events. We are sharing some latest active Redemption codes so you can use them to get free rewards. We will tell you how to use these Afk arena code 2020. All you have to read this article carefully And We will try to cover it up each and everything related to the code afk arena.

Latest Working Afk arena Codes in the Game

overlord666500 Diamonds + 500k Gold + 500 Hero Essence11 November
Ch3atc0de100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
311j4hw00d100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
d14m0nd5100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
xmasl00t100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
AFKmarkiplier300 Diamonds + 30 Elite Hero Shards11 November
Badlijey666100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
101nc107h100 Diamonds + 100K Gold11 November
AFKElijah500 Diamonds + 1000K Gold + 500 Hero Essence11 November
BestRPG4BusyU500 Diamonds + 500K Gold11 November
misevj66yi500 Diamonds + 5 Summon Scrolls + 1 Rare Hero11 November

How to redeem thsese codes:

Now let us move on how to redeem these codes in the game; simply all you have to follow the step given below.

  • First, go and tap on your profile avatar.
  • Click on the setting tab.
  • Now click on the Redemption Code.
  • Paste the code from the page top.

In the end, the notification will pop-up that you have successfully redeemed the code.


Each code will give you different rewards, and these codes are for the limited time and may expire after few days, but you don’t need to worry about this because afk arena redemption codes will come again in few days with the latest rewards. These rewards include Diamonds/Gems, Common Hero Scroll, Faction Hero Scroll, Rare Hero Soulstones and Rare Hero Soulstones.

Here is the list of reward given by afk arena to the players by redeeming these codes

Hopefully, this article helped you guys in redemption afk arena codes. Feel free to give your suggestion in the comment box down below or contact us to share any information and guide about Afk Arena.


The benefit of the Redemption Code:



By using these redemption codes, you can get many rewards for each code to contain different reward you can redeem all codes at a time to get the reward that will help to upgrade your Hero and build you new and powerful team by using your team you can defeat your friends and get up to the higher level of the game.

Update: These are old codes. Maybe these codes don’t not work for working code click here

misevj66yi1000+5 +60

Afk arena promo codes, according to calendar events may these codes may not work.


Code EventReward
AFKLAUNCHAfk Arena Global Official Launch60 Elite Hero Shards
2019mothersday2019 Mother Day60 Elite Hero Shards
dadisafk20192019 Father Day60 Elite Hero Shards
jenrmb3n3aYoutube Promotion Code60 Rare Hero Shards
Thanksgiving20192019 Thanksgiving1 Epic Hero
pqgeimc6daUnknown30 Elite Hero Shards + Gold
afknewyear2020New Year 2020Elite Hero Shards + Diamonds
7xinggaozhaoLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + 10 Faction Scrolls
66dashunLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + Hero Essence
5fulinmenLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + Hero XP
4jipinganLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + Gold
3yangkaitaiLunar New Year 20202020 Diamonds + Hero Essence
2longtengfeiLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + Hero XP
1fanfengshunLunar New Year 2020188 Diamonds + Gold
YuanxiaoYuanxiao Festival60 Elite Hero Shards + 300 Diamonds
s7yps9phsjUnknown20 Elite Hero Shards + 200 Diamonds
s4vyzvanhaUnknown10 Elite Hero Shards + 100 Diamonds



How do I get a redemption code for the AFK arena?


Redemption codes are available on special events or updates of the game. The code will be published or will be updated on our site regularly; all you have to check our site regularly.


What are redemption codes?


The redemption codes are a combination of digits and alphabets. By using them, you can get a free reward in the game.


How can I get redeem code?


All you have to follow the step given above to redeem the code.


Who is the best Hero in the AFK arena?


Brutus is overall one of the best Hero in the game, with the highest rating of 240.


Can you get free Google Play codes?


Yes, you can obtain free google play codes by redeeming them. You can get thousand of rewards.