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Pheonix Flower: Date:01/Feb/2021

When Talene was reborn from the fire, a giant tree in the Dark Forest bloomed. Each of the blossoms was the shape of a lick of flame, almost feather-like. The folks of Esperia thus named them “Phoenix Flowers”. Check out more lore about these flowers after the patch!

Source: @Afk_Arena (Twitter)

Pheonix Flower

Patch Note 1.57: Date:31/Jan/2021

The next update will feature tons of content, in-game & community events, as well as some fantastic rewards!

Hint: Many of the content and events are tied closely to a hero related to fire. Many elements in this image will also play important roles.

Source: @Afk_Arena (Twitter)

Afk Arena Patch Note 1.57

Kren is coming: Date:22/Jan/2021

A former soldier of Mauler’s Steel  Fang Artillery Division is coming. A wanted Durri for multiple crimes. He bent on making a name of himself. Checkout the skillset of Karen below! That how will he wreak havoc in the land of Exiles? The collision of symbols is Coming in the next update. Keep in touch for the next update.

Source: @Afk_Arena (Twitter)

Afk arena Hero Karen
Karen Skills set

Winter Update: Date:21/Jan/2021

With winter still here in Esperia, the Oak Inn has added a new seasonal set of furniture for heroes! Redeem the Glacial Lullaby Set skin in the Lost Sigils Event, or purchase it any time with diamonds!

Redemption period: 2021/1/19 00:00 – 2021/2/1 23:59 UTC

Source: @Afk_Arena (Twitter)

Afk Arena Winter Update

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