AFK Arena New Player Guide

Updated On- 1st Feb, 2021

From Tutorial to Early Game

Tutorial Phase:

When you start the game, upon completing Chapter 1, you get a guaranteed elite hero to invest all your XP into the elite hero to make it like this.

Afk Arena Tutorial

You can link your google account to (Gmail) get 2700 diamonds early on in Chapter 2 or don’t get enough later. First, set up your wishlist; recommendations are below, and use 2700 diamonds to do a 10x Traven Summons.


Afk arena Wishlist

Disclaimer: Every hero can work in the game, and even the worst heroes have some niche when dealing with certain content making them alright. As such, it is possible to progress with any hero. However, heroes on the list will help you advance the most so if you care about efficiency. It is worth using this as a reference.

After Summons, go to ranhorn > Rickety cart and retire all green heroes and also make sure to tick “Automatically Retire New Common Heroes.”

Automatically Retire New Common Heroes

After Summon, you are guaranteed at least 1 Elite from these pulls and get more. Some players choose to reroll their account for better heroes, but it doesn’t matter much unless you are going for Talene, etc.

The lineup I ended up with Solise and Rosaline must say this account is lucky to have an Insane Combo of early game push. Ideally, you want to look for the heroes’ use in a wishlist and max him out.

Chapter 2 Unlock:

In this chapter alone, you will unlock 3 buildings, namely Arcane Labyrinth, King Tower, and Guild. You can generally run the same campaign team for Labyrinth and Tower, and Ideally wants to specialize a little for a Guild Hunt.

Line Up:

  • Standard Wizz Line Up

  1. Rosaline
  2. Elijah and Lailah
  3. Rowan
  4. Lorsan
  5. Belinda
  • Viable Alternative for Swap in

  1. Baden
  2. Lightbringer
  3. Raine
  4. Estrilda


This chapter is also where you first unlock the Arena and Subsenqently Legends’ Tournament in Chapter 6 PvP team can be very different from PvE, but for beginners, you don’t need to worry too much. We will usually cover those in our other articles.


However, what you need to know is that people attack you. They are fighting the formation set with this button instead of your last team used. You may want to pay attention to swapping the gear/artifact for pushing the stages if you don’t want to lose point during that time.

Early Game Upto Level 160:

The main goal for this stage of the game is to have 1 hero (the carry) leveled much higher than the rest while having the rest merely as support/faction bonus fillers to buff the carry as much as possible.Afk Arena Heroes

This is what one team on my alt look like. Do note Wukong (Main Carry) should have higher, but I don’t have enough copies to ascend him yet.

Afk Arena Heroes


There are some options available, but generally, you want to run them in the clusters shown above. Lightbearer are better for energy reliant carries such as Sollise run Sollise w/ Wilders for the faction bonus. Ultimately you want to try to balance

  • Hero Level and ascensions for these supports
  • Faction Bonus available
  • Availability of these heroes to make them work

Depending upon your pulls, you want one of these as your frontline. Ideally, this should be the same faction as your 3 supports or carry. Being under-leveled, Brutus is slightly better due to his invulnerability.
Afk Arena Frontline tank

These other ones are alright. You want one of these 20/40 levels above the rest of your team given their advantage, and they can tank more damage and thus be placed in positions 1 and 2 as a frontline.

One more side note you want to level your heroes. You can ascend rather than heroes you use such that your resonating crystal can reach a higher level.


This Guide is based on our experience. It may vary from player to player by following different Afk arena Tier list and Heroes


How do I get better at the AFK arena?

  • Get into a Guild as early as possible
  • Should buy anything else from the shop
  • Always try to get mercenaries from friends and guild.

How do you unlock the new character in Afk Arena?

The easy way to unlock a new character is to send companion points to a friend and receive from them, so by using them. You can get a new hero.

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