AFK Arena Expert Guide 2021

Afk Arena is a game developed by the Lilith game brand, which already has many amazing games available on the Play Store and iOS App store. The game was released on 21st  June 2018. The most amazing characteristic of the game is that you will get regular updates, which include amazing rewards and features. The game size about 93 MBs, but it may vary by updates. To get the game all, you need to click the button on the home page.  So let’s move on to our AFK Arena Expert Guide.


In this article, we are focusing on some main topic which will help you how to get through the advance stage of the game easily. We will share some tips and tricks which may help you to get through the stages quite easily all you have to read the article carefully and don’t lose your focus because some fantastic tips and tricks will be shared in the AFK Arena Expert Guide.. Let us begin without any delay.

Team Composition and PvP:

The first and most important thing in the game is team composition, which may lead you to win and defeat in the game, so all you have to focus on building a great and undefeatable team. There are many factors to pick up your team, especially for difficult fights.

Team Composition and PvP

Offensive Hero:

It would be great if you have at least two GOD tier heroes in your list or team, which may lead you to the victory, and these two players should be on the frontline during a fight. Tank choice depends upon how much backup your backline needs. If you are playing with a defensive backline like you have shemira in the backline, then you don’t need to have a defensive backline. You can go by picking up some more offensive heroes like Brutus and Khasos rather than some defensive ones like Lucius.

Defensive Hero:

Same as if the backline needs a bit great backup, then you can try a hero who is a bit, defensive hero. Some heroes like Belinda is one of those who deal with serious damage and need some extra protection. You can go with the hero with high dodge stats that effectively hard to kill like Kaz.


Intelligent Hero: 

The hero with high intelligence should stay at the backline because they are an expectation in these rules.

Teleport Hero:

The heroes with agility like Athalia can teleport behind the target at the starting of the fight so they can be more suitable in the backline. If you have placed them in the frontline, it will leave you without any cover from the backline.

 Support Hero: 

When you are looking for a support character, try to pick up Crowd Control because a powerful healer is necessary. But not necessarily in all the fight, especially in PvE when you have a strong team.

In auto, you can’t control anything. It will use all abilities when it is ready to use in the fight.

Starting from Scratch


We have already covered that how you can start from scratch, and don’t be afraid to restart the game from the new. Starting from scratch may help to built and learn new strategies. If you don’t have any hero from the list we have discussed above in the composition of the squad; then you can try to start from scratch. Another reason to restart is that if you are looking for the hero who is quite stronger but you don’t have it. You can also progress with the help of bad heroes, but it is awful to progress because the progress is quite slow. To know how to start from scratch, you can look at our article Afk Arena beginner guide. Don’t worry if you start from scratch. It will keep all of your progress. It is like creating a new account in the game.

switch server

Upgrading the Heroes

We have discussed each and everything that which hero is good in our AFK Arena tier list article.  Go check them out if you haven’t checked them yet but upgrading the hero is the main problem in the game we will recommend you that first. You should read all about heroes because many heroes are good in the early stages of the game, but at the end game stage, they are useless, so spending on them may cost you badly. So try to focus on those heroes who are good at mid-game and end game heroes like Brutus and Athalia are an example of it. So don’t spend your time and on upgrading heroes like Urlic.


We have tried our best to cover the main topic in this article. The amount of content is huge to cover because the developer of the game keeps adding new things on daily updates in the form of events. But we will try to cover them in the future. Things will get a little frustrating when you progress through the stages. It will take you a day to progress on the next stages, but we will try to give you daily content that may help you. A lot of things are yet to cover all we need your support. 

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