AFK arena beginner’s guide 2021

Updated On- 23rd Jan, 2021

Before starting our AFK arena beginner’s guide that we are not sure that this method may not 100% work, but I am sure that it may help in many of the cases. In this article, we cover all basics of the game, which may help a new player who just started playing games.  We may miss some of the tips and tricks, but if you think so, mention them in comments down below and help other people. So, without any further delay, let us start our Discussion on AFK Arena beginne


The first thing we are talking about is rerolling. Normally in-game rerolling is starting from new servers and losing out old data/progress in the game, but in Afk Arena, if works differently. There are technically hundreds of servers in the Afk arena, and you can select as many as you want. You can select a different server, and every server act as new account progress of one server can’t be shared with another server, but you can save its progress.

It’s just to play on the server you are now. If you try being as competitive as possible, you want to go to the newest server; on the left side, you will find them. But by default setting, it will assign you a new server, and if you want to get extra awards when you get into it, and you don’t want to care about competing, you can go to one of the earlier servers, and people will be more progressed there. Still, you will get more rewards at the wall of legends, which we will talk about later. On the old server’s people get more progress as compared to new servers, but we recommend you join a new server.




So why should you do it?

Sometimes it will get too long to upgrade heroes, and you will get frustrated. Having multiple accounts will allow you to play a game while other accounts aren’t idle.

How to reroll in Afk arena?

Rather than going directly, we will show you step by step so you can get it easily. 

  • To change the server or start a new account on a new server, go to the setting.AFK arena rerolling
  • Tap on the select server.AFK arena rerolling 2
  • Click on the new server which you want to play on.AFK arena rerolling 3

What is Campaign?

Features of AFK Arena

You will see a lot of options on the main screen some daily reward which you have to collect every day like a fast reward on the right-hand side at least one free per day it will reward you based on your current stage. The campaign has some further rewards. One of them is you can collect heart from your friend list by exchanging rewards from your friends, but make sure that you should have a bunch of friends.



In-Game Chat

There is an option of chat on the main screen where you can chat with different people by entering the different chatroom, and also you can chat with random people privately and making new friends in the game. You can also friends by just clicking on the profile of anyone you want to add.  Friendship is necessary because you can get some extra points through it.


Mail option

In the mail option, you could get a reward or mails regarding your achievement and rewards—the bag where everything is going to be stored you rewards like stones, etc.


In the quest  option All you have to complete quests they are simple and can be done easily, not too hard. Just read them and try to complete most of the time. It can be done by itself.


In-Game shop

There is an option of the merchant on the right side where you could get many free rewards, and you can also buy diamonds and stone from there, but we don’t recommend you to spend money on because you could get everything by completing daily rewards. We have many more to cover in our next few articles, so keep visiting our site, so you get daily about the AFK arena guides.



Final Words

These were some basics of the Afk arena. We are still writing and cover many other achievements and in-game rewards of the game that can help you in-game we hope that you would love to see more articles about afk arena guide do give your suggestion so we will try to cover that point of the game.


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