AFK Arena A tier List

Updated On- 24th Jan, 2021

We will add those top heroes in this AFK Arena A tier List article, which are most used in the game. Most of the player uses these heroes regularly in the game, but we will try to mention by their abilities. So if you are interested in the list, keep reading and sharing our content, and if you have any suggestions feel free because your satisfaction is our priority. If you haven’t gone through other articles of the Afk arena tier list so please have a look at them as well. These players are a good investment for those players who have started from scratch. When we have compared A-Tier heroes with S+ Tier, and S Tier, they were just outclassed inabilities. These heroes are much cheaper, easy to get, and have unique skills.


We recommend you to invest in these heroes as much as you can until they become ineffective. After that, you can quickly retire them and start investing in superior options. Now let us move on the AFK Arena A tier List heroes.

1. Fawkes (Nature's Heart): Area DPS, Crowd Control

He is one of the top picks in the A-tier list, and you can compare him to all the top damage dealers In the Afk arena tier list. If the team need the composition of Crowd control and damage are dealing skills. Fawkes does a fantastic job. His abilities and Purification are the main draws that players add to their team. He is a situational pick for sure, and you might consider him as god-tier for his abilities.

Fawkes Afk arena hero

Signature Item: 

  • The Soul Prison: A magical ability containing the hordes of malicious spirits.
  • Purged Perseverance: This skill raise the ability of all allies by 5% for 5 seconds if they utilize more than 60% of their max energy.

Hero Skills:

  • Purification: Fawkes deal with 130% of the total damage to all enemies on the battlefield and remove all buffs they are using.
  • Abate: He reduces the speed of an enemy’s attack by 35% for 6 seconds.
  • Confine: Fawkes use this ability and deal with 50% of damage and lock the enemy into the coffin for 7 seconds.
  • Silver Bolt: This ability raises the attacking power of Fawkes by 20% and deals with the additional damage of 40% to the debuffed enemies.

2. Saveas (Strong Heart): DPS

He is reliable and easy to upgrade the hero in the game. Saveas is one of the best DPS for early and mid-game. He is simple to use and uses his health to empower his attack. Deal with a surprising amount of damage in the early stages of the game.

Saveas Afk arena hero

Signature Item:

  • He doesn’t have any signature item, but still, you can count him as one of the best DPS for early and mid-game.

Hero Skills: 


  • Burning Acrimony: Saveas loses 8% of his HP to increase the attack speed for 10 seconds.
  • Bloodied Spear: Bloodied is one the passive ability of Saveas, which expend 8% of his health to increase the damage of his attack.
  • Sacrificial Sustenance: Saveas sacrifices 8% of his current HP to heal himself by 4% of his max HP over 10 seconds.

3. Kelthur (Plaguegrip): DPS

He has massive damage potential. This hero is based on a cool ninja theme and animation. Thematically Kelthur has won the battle in AFK Arena, but in terms of damage, it performs a little bit poor as compared to other DPS heroes. The best thing about this hero is his ability. We will explain it later in the Hero skills paragraph.

Kelthur afk arena hero

Signature Item:

  • The Harvester: The strange creation as he uses this tool for fighting.
  • Blood Sap: When an enemy which is in between the level of 20s. Kelthur increases his attack by 20% to attack them.

Hero Skills:

  • Blades of Fury: Kelthur attacks an enemy which is farthest away from him and deals with damage of 65% with his shuriken to all enemies standing in the path.
  • Retaliation: Kelthur can doge the attack and jumps in front of the attacker and unleash him by injuring 150%.
  • Displace: Kelthur swaps his places with an enemy, and the damage will be increased by 35% for 7 seconds.
  • Ethereal Resurgence: After the death of Kelthur, he cames back to the battlefield. No one can attack him, but still, the health decreases gradually. He can use his normal attack during the time. Kelthur Haste increases by 80% for the time he remains at the battlefield. 

4. Satrana (Flame Weaver): DPS

She is another situational pick. Satrana is a great DPS hero for assisting high-value enemies. By using her ability, she targets only the hero with the highest rating in the enemy team. It’s a great way to focus down the most significant threat in the enemy squad.

Satrana afk arena hero

Signature Item:

  • Blazing Ember
  • Incinerate: If Satrana is slain. She uses her “Fireseeds” ability when the health of an enemy is below 50%. The damage will be increase by 70%.

Hero Skills:

  • Fireseeds: Satrana uses this ability and Fireseeds on the enemy with the highest combat rating. Which then stick to their body. These Fireseeds get triggered when the enemy’s health is below 30% resulting in a fiery explosion that causes damage of 320% to the nearby enemies.
  • Flutter Flame: The attack is one of the most brutal attacks on Satrana, which deals with the damage of 140% 2 times to the nearby enemies.
  • Firedance: Satrana initiates the firedance, which damages the enemies multiple times for 90% of damage per with the final blow of 200%.
  • Overflow: When Satrana dies, she loses control of her fireseeds, sticking to the highest combat rated enemy. These fireseeds fall and get detonated after a few moments inflicting the 250% damage to the nearby enemies.

5.Antandra (Desert Fury): DPS, Tank

The hero with the tremendous tanking abilities and a lot of damage makes Antandra special. Antandra is one of the most popular picks in many Afk Arena modes. She is not though as other tanks in the game. Antandra makes up for a lot of self-healing and some very high reliable crowd control abilities.

Antandra afk arena hero

Signature Item: 

  • Dance-in-Blood: Antandra uses Dance-of-Blood for quick attacking and lighting defense.
  • Uncounqerable: When the health of Antandra drops below 30%, she uses this ability to recover her health by 10% of her maximum health each second.

Hero Skills:

  • Fury Strike: Antandra deals with multiple attacks on an enemy with the final blow of 220% to the enemy and knocking them out backward.
  • Mark of the Wild: She attacks an enemy and giving them the damage of 200% and imprinting her mark on them and using that mark to recover her 30% of health.
  • Piercing Assualt: After 8 seconds into the battle, Antandra throws her spear toward the distant enemy and damages 220%.
  • Knockdown: Antandra uses her spear and throws it toward the enemy dealing with the total damage of 200%. She is also able to recover 25% of her health.

6. Arthur(Pendragon): Tank

He is one of the unique heroes in the Afk Arena tier list and belongs to the category called Dimensional. Unlike other-dimensional heroes, Arthur also has the same abilities and doesn’t have many advantages and disadvantages. Arthur has pretty good skills, but the main reason to get him is his consistency. If you want a consistent tank, he would be a better option.


Signature Item: 

  • The Lost Excalibur: The legendry sword, which was a return to Arthur by the lady of the lake. This sword immense the power of that can only show the king.
  • Battle Rally: Arthur supports the team like a true king. He increases the attacking power of allies by 50%, which is standing behind him.

Hero Skills: 

  • Smite: He claims Excalibur’s ability from the lake when he uses this for the first time.
  • Excalibur’s Fury: Arthur uses his sword to make a blade that deals with the damage of 200% to all the enemies it passes by.
  • King’s Blessing: Arthur hits his sword to the ground, which creates a small shockwave deals with the damage of 220%  to the enemies which are near to him. He also forms a shield around him, which can soak in damage of 400%.
  • Shield Of Honor: An attack that strikes to Arthur gives him damage less than 50%.

7. Khazard(The Frozen Terror): Area DPS, Crowd Control

New players in the game haven’t seen Khazard in the game, but when they watch him, he will leave an impression. Khazard uses his ability to the power of ice to decimate his enemies. He deals with a massive amount of damage to the enemies. Khazard also can decrease the area of effect healing reduction, which makes him an ideal pick against enemy compositions with a lot of healing abilities.

Khazard AFK arena hero

Signature Item: 

  • The Frigid Aura: The frozen ability of Khazard which emanates a coldness which can cut through bones and steel.
  • Frozen Curse: Frozen Curse’s ability increases the duration of the damaging debuff, which affects all the enemies on the battlefield by 30%.

Hero Skills:

  •  Frozen Mist: Khazard explodes and deals with the damage of 130% to the enemies, and the battlefield becomes Frozen Mist for 14 seconds.
  •  Glacial Shard: Khazard fires Glacial Shard in multiple directions. Each Shard deal with the damage of 150% to the enemy it struck.
  •  Frozen Beam: He fires an icy beam toward an enemy that deals with the damage of 220% and freezes them for 3 seconds.
  •  Frost Serpent: While the battlefield is at Frozen Mist states. Khazard’s Frost Serpent attacks an enemy and deals with 160 and freezes them for 2 seconds.


He is one of the most self-sufficient heroes. Sometimes it looks like that he can 1v5 enemies on his own. That is a rare case, and we see it very often, but Baden is great in damage dealing and soaking up damage for his team. The gameplay of Baden moves around his Phanton-Clones, which deal with as much damage as Baden does and receives away more than that. The clones use all the basic abilities of Baden.


Signature Item:

He doesn’t have any signature item but one the best DPS in the game, which wins you a match quite smoothly.
Hero Skills:

  • Phantom Assassin: Baden creates a Phantom that uses 85% of the health and attacking power Baden.
  • Phantom Strike: Baden summons an attack behind the back of the enemy that lasts for 6 seconds and deals with the damage of 180%.
  • Spectral onslaught: Baden starts attacking the surrounding enemies and deals with the damage of 135%.
  • Spectral Surge: The attack rating of every Phantom on the battlefield increased by 3%.

9.Isabella(The Taken Soul): DPS

She deals with a lot of the damage in the game in a brief period. Her abilities are increasing casting speed, executing the weakness of an enemy, and dealing with massive damage to the single target. Isabella is a consistent damage dealer in the game that should keep her in a backline.


Signature Item:

Isabella doesn’t have any signature item, but she is one of the mid-game DPS you can count her in many mid-game battles.
Hero Skills: 

  • Decimation: Isabella uses her magic tome, which cast massive damage of 140% to the random enemies on the battlefield. This ability can be repeated for almost eight times.
  • Void Barrage: Isabella uses the ability to target the weakest enemy on the battlefield and dealing with the damage of 160%.
  •  Soul Power: Isabella uses the HP of the teammate with the most HP on the battlefield and covert it into 50% energy.
  •  Surge: The movement can be increased by 15% for a while.

10. Thane (The Exalted): DPS

Although Thane is squishy in defense and utility, he excels at dealing damage to enemies and taking them out to the backline. His abilities revolve around mobility and critical strikes, while his best Is multi-hit and multi-target ability, which makes him invulnerable for the time being.

Thane Afk arena Tier list

Signature Item:

  • Focus Finesse: Thane’s damage increased by 20% if he doesn’t receive damage for 3 seconds.
  • The Lotus Blade: Swift, Light, Sharp, which quickly find its target to strike.

Hero Skills: 

  • Eviscerate: Thane attacks his enemies randomly 7 times and deals with 80% per attack. He will not receive damage will using this ability.
  • Lunge: Thane bounds toward his enemies and surprise them, and deals with a damage of 120% to them. Thane Crit rating is also raised by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Execution: The ability executes after four critical strikes. Thane targets an enemy with a multi-stage attack with a final attack of 80%. The last attack also deals with additional damage of 15% of the target max HP.
  • Focus: Thane raises his Crit by 14%.

11. Khasos (The Unruly): DPS, Buffs

He is a fantastic choice for team composition that lacks in damage and sustain. Khasos offers some best continuous damage numbers in the game and provides the team with high-end support with a passive ability.

Khasos Afk arena hero

Signature Item: He doesn’t have any item and skills but still one of the best DPS in the game.

Hero Skills: 

  • Obliteration: Khasos leaps toward the farthest enemy away from him and smashes the ground, causing 220% damage to the enemies near him.
  • Concentration: His normal attack can hit multiple enemies when they get close to him, and his defense increases by 12%. If enemies are far away, his attack rating increases by 8%.
  • Throwing Axe: Khasos throw a war axe, which causes 110% of damage to all enemies in its path. If he catches the axe on its return, then his speed increased temporarily.
  • Rabid Thirst: All friendly targets increased their life leech attribute by 10 points.

12. Zolrath (Voidbinder): DPS

Zolrath is a dedicated DPS hero that excels in his role. He combines severe burst damage with abilities that give him strength overtime to make him an excellent pick for both early and end-game stages, but he is not a good pick if you want to settle battle early. He is a potent DPS who fight well beyond his weight class.

Zolrath Afk arena hero

Signature Item:

  • Prey: Damage dealt with the enemies with lower health will increase by 10%.
  • Hourglass of time: Hourglass can change the flow of time allow its holder to go back forth in time as they please.

Hero Skills: 

  • Time Rift: Zolrath expends 200 energy points to open Time Rift. Once in a time rift, he continuously loses 120 energy points. He dealt with damage of 380% when it upgraded to level 2. At first, he deals with damage of 320%.
  • Doppelganger: Zolrath and his future dealings with the damage of 50% multiple times to his enemies. The final two attacks on the enemy have 180% of damage combine.
  • Annihilation: After 18 seconds, the standard attack of Zolrath become more vital than it was and allowing his attack to deal with the damage of 150% twice per attack.
  • Déjà vu: When Zolrath is about to die, and all of his allies are already dead, he turns back time and starts battle from the beginning. Zolrath will maintain his damage of Annihilate ability when time is reverted.

13. Lorsan(Wind Whisper): DPS, Debuffs

He is a favorite in all types of battles in Afk Arena. Lorsan wind whisper is an excellent choice for DPS. Although his damage is not as much to applaud, his actual power is his allies’ empowerment using his ultimate abilities.

Lorsan Afk arena hero

Signature Item:

  • Fate: When an enemy dies from Gale Force ability. Lorsan receives permanent haste until the end of a battle.
  • Wind Keeper: A staff gifted to Lorsan, which abounds with the tremendous natural power.

Hero Skills: 

  • Tempest: Lorsan summons a storm amongst the area of the enemies, which continuously grow over time.
  • Inner Sight: Lorsan attacks an enemy for 200% damage and marks them with his inner sight symbol.
  • Gale Force: He links with two closest and farthest enemies to him when any of two receives damage, the other receives damage of 80% of damage received.
  • Wind Ward: Caste a shield on two random allies for 7 seconds, which reduces 250% of the damage of Lorsan own attacking power.

Final Words:

The above list is based on our research it may vary. But we are trying to give you the best possible Afk Arena tier list so, Keep Visiting for more and amazing content that may help you in the game.

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