Patch Note 1.56

Updated On- 26th Jan, 2021

Our server will be unavailable on the local time 26/01/2021 23:00 to 27/01/2021 1:00 while updating the game. You will not be able to Sign in during this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may bring a good experience, and we would like to offer you a 1200 diamond compensatory gift.

New Heroes:

  1. Added Mauler Hero: Kren – The Fanatical
  2. The new hero Kren – The Fanatical will be available to test play from Local Time: 27/01/2021 05:00.
  3. The Bountiful Trails event will be available for Kren – The Fanatical as Local Time: 27/01/2021 05:00.

Afk arena Hero Karen

New Addition and Optimization:

  1. “The Trembling Highlands” adventure is added to the trials of god feature. You can unlock the feature by completing the stage from 31-60 of the game and completing 100% of the same adventure found within a wandering Balloons.
  2. New Warrior Class-Exclusive Artifact called “Carnage” can be acquired from the trails of god – The Trembling Highland instance.
  3. New Misty Valley round is about to Commerce. An adjustment has been made to several tasks. The next update shall commerce on Local Time 05/02/2021 05:00.
  4. We have added a new “Fabled Realm” feature to twisted Realm. The player that meets the Resonating crystal level requirement can enter the Fabled Realm. All members within the Fabled Realm should have the division status of “Legend.”
  5. We adjusted the hierarchy logic floor for several floors of Twisted Realm and the damage and reward sense. As well as the significant change, we shall be resetting the division damage date for all Twisted Realm bosses on Local Time: 25/01/2021 05:00. After reset, dynamic division damage shall be in effect for the first time each boss appears, after which rules shall revert to normal.
  6. We have added the boss “Grotesque Mage” to the Twisted Realm. Who will appears on Local Time: 29/01/2021 06:00.


Some Other features of this update

    1. We added a new event called “Reinforcements” while the event is running, a player can select a hero from a list of heroes to trail. This event shall commerce when players login for the first time at Local Time: 27/01/2021 05:00. For specific, please refer to the in-game rules.
    2. Added Subscription Privileges and VIP perk to Dismale maze game mode. A player with an active subscription shall receive +100% instead of +80% reward for the next Dismal Maze. If they miss an Arcane Labrinyth, the total number of reward missed can be accumulated doesn’t change. Players with a VIP level higher than 13.
    3. Within the Dismal Maze number of times Dura’s Tears can be used will now be raised according to how many times Acrane Labrinyth has been missed.
    4. A player will now receive 10 companion points each time they loan a hero out successfully as a mercenary. A player can receive a maximum of 50 companion points a week by using this method.
    5. It’s now possible to see which hero carries which type and level of Artifact by tapping on it within the player’s bag.
    6. Custom Legendary Furniture can scroll now can be sold in bulk at the workshop.
    7. Optimize the aesthetics of the monthly card.
    8. The issue has been fixed that was causing Mercenary Combat ratings to display values that were lower than their actual values.

Hero adjustments and changes:

  1. Grezhul – The Corrupted
  • Adjusted how to attack rating of ability “Demonic Assault” is calculated when stealing the target’s attack rating. The ability now states the full value is now stolen, ignoring any attack rating debuff that the target may have currently been affected.
  1. Ferael – Doomwhisper
  • Strengthen the values of the exclusive furniture ability “Ghastly Hauntings” please see the game skills description for the specifics.
  1. Queen – The Courageous Tactician
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause final attack damage of “Stationary Drifter” to be lower than intended.

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