AFK Arena

Game Story

In the beginning, life and death co-existed peacefully. Dura, the goddess of life, earned the favor of Esperia’s mortal denizens. However, this peace was short-lived. The god of death, Annih, flew into a jealous rage disappointed by the mortals he used his blood to create Hypogeans. The Hypogeans plotted to overthrow Esperia. Dura leads the mortals against demonic forces. She became gravely weakened in the onslaught. Nearing death. Dura uses the last vestiges of her power to create seven divine artifacts which she scattered throughout Esperia. Now, many millennia later, the Hypogeans lay in wait. They lurk in shadow, hoping to seize Esperia once more.

A New era draws near. The aeon of conflict



Afk arena is an exciting game with a unique art style. Play while you are chilling and implement multiple strategies!    

  • Unique: Afk is a world of beauty and adventure.
  • Idle: Earn reward while are not playing the game.
  • Ascend: Upgrade your favorite heroes to unlock the power and abilities.
  • Fight: Put yourself against other players in the game.
  • Story: Reveal the history of your favorite hero.
  • Share: Share the level between the heroes.


How does AFK arena work?

Most of the game revolves around auto-play. Only you have to set up combo keys that are given. Is stargazing worth it AFK arena? If you are seriously interested in putting your time and money in the game, then I would personally recommend that stargazing is worth a try.

Is AFK arena any good?

My overview of the game is that I have enjoyed this game while playing this. There is no such complicated thing in the game all you can do to upgrade yours.

Why is AFK arena so popular?

Playing the Afk arena is fun, but lack of events and auto-play make you bore real quick, but the game is popular because of its size and graphics and its amazing storyline.

How popular is AFK arena?

The game by Lilith Games has around 10m+ installation and over 1m+ reviews on Google Play Store and the same in the case of iOS App Store. If you want to install the game, the link is given below you can get it from there.Is AFK Arena offline or online?


On a mobile device, the game needs an internet connection to enter the game, but there is no such use of the internet in the game.

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